Presentation: Whiskey Gap Uranium Project

Whiskey Gap Uranium Project | Zadar Ventures Ltd — Presentation Transcript

1. ZADAR VENTURES LTD Whiskey Gap Uranium Project
2. Location• The Property consists of 2 contiguous Alberta Townships containing approximately 42720 acres• The Permits are bounded to the south by the American Border
3. Access Property is 15 minutes east of Cardston Alberta
4. GeologyThe Permits areunderlain by fluvialsandstones andinterbedded bentoniticmudstones of theWillow Creek and StMary River Formationslocal thin coals occurnear the base of theWillow Creek.
5. Exploration Model
6. Uranium mineralization in organics in the Willow Creek Formation7000 ppm U 450 cps Photo courtesy of Firestone Ventures
7. Radon in Water• Domestic Water wells were sampled for Radon Gas• Of 26 samples collected one sample exceeded 5000 and two exceeded 2000 Pico Curies/L Background was 880.
8. Diamond Drilling
9. Strong Alteration in Core
10. Drill Hole Locations
11. Section along Base Line looking South East
12. Typical view of ISL in operation