Jeremy Brett MSc., P.Geo

Mr. Brett is a senior consulting geophysicist with MPH Consulting, he has a strong geological and management background and over 18 years of experience in mineral exploration. Mr. Brett has designed, supervised, quality assured and interpreted ground and airborne geophysical surveys for uranium and many other commodities. His specialty is in the imaging, synthesis and interpretation of geophysical data and its direct integration with ore deposit models and structural/tectonic frameworks, for target identification and testing.

Jason Dussault, Advisory Board

Mr. Dussault was the founder and the first chief executive officer of Pure Energy. Mr. Dussault led Pure Energy’s initial capital raise, reverse takeover and phase one exploration program. Mr. Dussault’s experience in the lithium sector will make him a valuable addition to the company and his long-standing relationship with GeoXplorer (the operator of Pure Energy) will help streamline the company’s upcoming exploration programs.