Dear Alphastox Subscribers,

I wanted to introduce you to a new company, in the lithium space, that you need to keep an eye on. As we all know, the lithium space is heating up and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Tesla just announced yesterday at their shareholder meeting that they could triple the total planned battery output of the Gigafactory to ~105 GWh of cells and ~150 GWh of battery packs – or over 3 times the current total li-ion battery production worldwide. This would be huge for lithium suppliers in the area and who better to go to than someone in your backyard? Here’s a link to the article: Tesla has already signed deals with two lithium producers and if they plan to increase output, more deals could be signed soon.

Zadar Ventures (TSXV:ZAD) is working to become a premier player in the lithium space and I highly encourage you to follow the stock from here. The company’s acquired two great assets in the Clayton Valley lithium district of Nevada that have gotten the market very excited so far. The stock has gone from around $0.075/share to the mid $0.20s and looks to be positioning itself for a major move to the upside. It has already made its initial obligations on both properties and has engaged GeoXplor Corp. as the operator for the exploration and development of these projects. With this in mind, news flow should pick up quickly so don’t be surprised to see a lot more activity in the market over the next three months.

As I see it, someone seems to be accumulating the stock in the early $0.20/share range and I’m guessing it’s because they believe there will be a few major catalysts to come. The start of a drill program as well as results could be what the market is waiting for so stay tuned. This company was put on my radar screen by a trusted source that I’ve done a lot of business with before who’s brought me successful deals in the past so that’s why I have no problems putting it on your radar screens at these levels. The stock seems well supported and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

I should have an update report out soon once the news flow picks up but in the meantime, please feel free to give me a call anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.


Disclosure: Transcend Capital Inc. has not been paid a consulting fee for conducting an independent review of the company